Non-Commercial License Requests

I’m very happy that people might find inspiration in my music and wish to use it in some capacity or other. I regularly receive requests from individuals wishing to license for student, private or non-commercial projects which is flattering.

Unfortunately, because the administrative/legal process required to do this costs money and conflicts with other aspects of commercial music licensing, not to mention automated systems designed to restrict copyright infringement (e.g. YouTube) it’s simply not possible to issue permission on these grounds.

Generally speaking, students using music in educational institutions or individuals making private videos aren’t going to have lawyers knocking at the door, but if you’re posting online or distributing in any way then it will breach copyright.

Unfortunately I can’t reply to these requests, but if your project fits this criteria please use common sense. If you wish to formally request a license, please make contact directly. Thanks for your understanding and best of luck with your project.